2021 Orbea Gain m20i computer/bicycle synchronization


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I got a 2021 Orbea Gain M20i about three weeks ago and love the bike. I had to deal with two issues, which I solved, and am posting my experience in the hope thatches will help others. This thread is about a synchronization issue of the handlebar-mounted, Mahle Pulsar One computer display, new to the 2021 Gains, and the bicycle itself. I will post a second thread about problems I encountered with the carbon rims, centering and mounting tires and going tubeless.

The computer pairs with the bicycle power system and not only displays real time ride data and battery % levels but allows one to change the motor's power levels by pushing either of two buttons to go up or down power levels. This has the advantage that you can go down to a lower power level without having to cycle forward through all the power levels if you used the power button on the top tube. Also, you can keep your eyes on the road when using the computer and not look down at the button on the top tube.

On about half my rides this worked beautifully. On the other half it didn't. Then the computer initially powered up in the lowest power level and displayed power level 1. If I then pressed the "up" button to power level 2 or 3, the display would show a 2 or 3, but the motor's power did not change but stayed at level 1. After 30 sec or so, the computer display would revert to level 1. I could still use the bike's power button to change power levels without any problem. The display would correctly show the new power level, so the bike was communicating with the computer, but not the other way around.

I finally figured out what was happening. If I FIRST turned on the computer and THEN the bike's power button, the system worked perfectly. If I FIRST turned on the bike's power button and THEN the computer, its up/down buttons did not work to change power levels , as described above. Nowhere that I can find is this documented by Orbea.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, or is it unique to my bike?


I have had that problem, so that you work well you have to turn on the bike and wait a minute and turn on the pulsar one, and then wait a bit to change modes or levels this is how it works well, if the first time you don't it works, redo the process, they are in the process of getting a software update in ebikemotion.


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An update on my original post about synchronization issues between the Pulsar One display and the Iwoc One control button on the bicycle. It's not as simple as the order in which the Pulsar and Iwoc button on the bike are turned one. I recently completed a ride and finished at power level three. I then turned off the Iwoc button and then the Pulsar display. One the next ride, I first turned on the Pulsar and then the Iwoc button. As the two paired, there Pulsar briefly flashed power level 3, as if it "remembered" the last power level I had ridden. Then, it briefly flashed power level 0 and then level 1, the normal power level when starting a ride. However, the Pulsar buttons no longer worked to change power levels on the bike. This could be cleared up by resetting the Pulsar, but it is inconvenient to have to reset time, kph/mph, etc. Obviously there is a problem with the Pulsar software, as r1roman pointed out, so we'll just have to wait for an update.


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I rode my 2020 Orbea Gain M20i for the first time today. In the middle of my 10.5 mile ride the display on the OC display/control completely shut off for no reason. I had to power it back on, and of course the timer started back at zero again. Anybody else had this happen?


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Yes, I've had the problem described by StevenC56, and others, some of which I've described above. The issues appear randomly, and I've never been able to correlate them with anything that I've done (or not done) such as the order of turning on or off the computer or bike first. At this point, I would be happy if I could just get the display to reliably increase/decrease the power level of the motor and show the current speed and distance travelled. The other functions I can live without and can use Strava to replicate. One thing I have found is that when the power up/down button no longer changes power levels, I can simply hold down the IWOC button until the bike system turn off and then turn it on again. I can do this even when riding. It takes a few seconds at most and seems to restore function. A lot easier than stopping and resetting the PulsarOne from scratch, which also works. I have emailed Orbea about these issues, and they punted the question back to a local dealer where I brought the bike. They were clueless about the problem and contacted Orbea. After a week and a half, Orbea has yet to respond to the dealer. A clear failure on Orbea's part. They fail to recognize or acknowledge the problem nor want to do anything to solve it.