2021 Rize Leisure


the 2021 Rize leisure has been released, the other models to come soon, has anyone here received one and if so how does it compare to the 2020 models?


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Easton, MD
Possibly off topic--if so apologies in advance--but couldn't find another thread appropriate to my question--had anyone mounted a center (2 leg) stand on a RIZE Leisure model?? if so could you post info and source--thanks...
I’d like to know as well or just in general how it is.
Have had step leisure since September 2020. Live in Kamloops BC. Have over 2000km on it. 50% on pavement, the rest on very good and sometimes tough single track near my house. Put it together myself, I'm no mechanic, have never touched the derailleur, periodically adjust brakes. Will probably have a shop tune up, and replace pads this winter. Am 75, not crazy, but experienced, maybe I'm lucky, because this bike HAS BEEN GREAT! Just bought a Rize city mid drive for more pavement riding, rode it once before winter weather arrived. Totally different. Super fast. Shifting different. Hope l have same luck as with Leisure. Cheers.