2021 Stromer St2 Beltdrive


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I recently purchased a new 2021 stromer st2 beldrive. I was initially very imprrssed with the build quality, ride comfort and performamce. However, from day one there were a few things that i had questioned my bike dealer where i purchased the bike. First was a consistent clicking sound that occurred during peddling. Especially noticable in the highest gear fifth. I was told that this was normal? Over the first several weeks this sound from the hub would vary. Until about 2 weeks ago and now the bike will not engage 5th gear all the time. The twist shifter clicks into fifth, and some times it engages or it won't. If i leave it long enough it will just randomly engage into fifth, but then eventually slip back into 4th. The dealer has now looked at it twice, and are stating that the bike is properly calibrated. They now think i have a faulty sturmey archer gear hub. Their proposed solution is to order a new rim, motor, hub unit and simply replace the whole rear tire. Since this failure after a few weeks, i had asked them to replace the whole bike, to which they said that stromer would not authorize. Very frustrating that i bought a 10k bike that has a major component failure within 3 weeks. I understand this beltdrive is a new model for stromer, but i have to say this, with some other minor build defects, is not what i was expecting from the stromer brand. Dont have many options at this point, other than to wait for the replacement rear wheel assembly. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced a similiar problem with these internal gear hubs, or with Stromer i dealing with such problems on a new bike.