2022 Propella Mini, 20” wheels and 33lb


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Well, for years, I said you couldn't buy my bike. Now you can get close.

Also 33 pounds with a 7 speed cassette in the rear. Bike Nashbar had the Sundeal Minivello on clearance for $159. I put the Q100H motor in front to keep the cassette. Never seen another minivello for sale since (2018).



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A new lightweight, single speed, Class 1 model from Propella,
Micah at Electrek posted a review recently, as did Sam Gross on the EBR Youtube channel. (Links below). Both are very polished and professional evaluations, but the EBR print review really tells you everything you need to know if you're considering one of these. I added my two cents to the Youtube reviews (somewhat against my better judgement since the YT comments section is typically a s***show of trolls and nincompoops).

I purchased a Mini primarily as a secondary e-bike and my first impressions are pretty positive, inasmuch as it's too cold and icy around here now to really give it a go. As Micah and Sam both point out, it's not a bike for everyone, but to borrow the overused vernacular, the Mini's minimalism is "a feature, not a bug" in my book. At least on paper, the Mini compares favorably to the base version of the Carbo X I had once considered, which costs at least 2.5 times as much. While it lacks the belt drive, seat post battery and folding capability (which I didn't care about) of the Carbo X, the Mini is a much better value proposition. It hardly weighs more than the Carbo X at 33 lbs, and a hair under 30 without the battery. The battery doesn't weigh much either, (3.5 lbs) and $250 for a spare seems reasonable as a way to double the range.

I'm 5'11" and weigh 165 lbs. While Propella lists my height as "marginal", I find the overall fit reasonably comfortable. I like to ride with "5 o'clock" leg extension, and ideally I'd like the handlebars an inch or two higher, but they're not adjustable.

I don't intend to upgrade the Mini in any meaningful way since it defeats the low cost part of my mission with this thing. With that said, the grips are on the hard side, so it remains to be seen if that's an issue on a longer ride. I'm fairly comfortable on the standard saddle, especially since I ride with padded underwear. I might add a light or two and bar end mirror.

Thumbs up overall based on my limited experience thus far.


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