2023 Aventon Level 2 Review


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Petaluma, CA
I just built and tested one of these new '23 Level 2 bikes. Overall quality has improved. For a $1,999 bike it is nice. For most riders in most circumstances it will be very good. This bike is not for me but am not an average ridder either. The bike is both Class 2 and Class 3 simultaneously. It has a torque sensor and has a throttle. The clearcoat paint looks good, not like a $10,000 bike but very nice. The throttle can be used from a dead stop. The torque sensor has less lag and is more responsive than a cadence sensor only pedal assist bike. The integrated light kit and brake lights work well and with the reflex (reflective stripe) tires. It has hydraulic disc brakes and looks to have a quality front hub with replaceable sealed bearings. Using the throttle, the bike will top out at 20mph. With the pedal assist it will top out at 28mph. It comes with a 55-pound capacity rear rack that is good for commuters or around town. In my opinion it checks all the boxes for most people who want a moderately priced bike. A word about the charger. It is not proprietary. That was a problem with some earlier models that Avento has addressed with this new 2023 model. It comes in mid-step and low-step versions in a selections of colors. The saddle is supportive for longer rides and comfortable for casual rides. See their website for the specifications of the Aventon Level 2.


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