2023 Domane + AL 5


My LBS has a Domane AL + 5 in my size (49) expected in the next couple of months.
It has the same motor as the Dual Sport + and FX +2 (which I test rode and liked quite well, but wanted more gears & more hand positions).
It has 54-30 and 11-34 Shimano 105 and range extender batteries are available.
Price is great @ $ 4999.99 Cdn. (Lots of 9s… okay $5000).
Im putting a deposit down tomorrow & ordering a range extender - very pleased.
I won’t have to keep it if the range extender doesn’t fit the small 49 frame.
I’m fine with the half pedal delay in power discussed in the FX+2 thread & which I experienced on my test drive.
I ride the hills of Northumberland County, Ontario & have enough gears to get going if I stop at the base of a hill - the assist doesn’t have to be immediate.
I like the looks of the Hyena app, especially the way I can customize the display in a manner Im used to,as shown in this video.
I also like that the motor can be customized easily - only a moment’s more time than accessing a saved profile, as in this video.
I think I’ll tune it so that the eco mode just compensates for extra Weight of the bike (compared to my carbon Scott Contessa Solace) and play with the other two settings….
I will report back for sure…Marianne