24” E-MTB Kit


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Hey folks, I’ve been watching these EBR vids for many years and finally joined! I’ve had a couple ebikes and they don’t really ever feel comfortable (I’m 5’7). Current bike is 2018 RadCity 16” so it’s pretty good fit but I just don’t like the geometry (it’s not rad enuff).
Recently, I saw the new Zooz BMX bike and was immediately nostalgic and thought a 24” MTB bike in the style of my childhood BMX would work for me around the hilly neighborhoods in Portland, OR.
I’ve not found any e-bike like the Zooz with without fat tires (not into fat bikes).
So, I’d like to find a good DIY candidate MTB and add low BMX bars. I’m thinking this approach would give me disc brakes and some gears too, which is crucial. Front fork can be rigid, not really concerned either way.
Goal: 750W Mid drive Kit to get at least twice as much torque (RadCity is 40nm)
Any thoughts on a bike that will fit a dolphin pack on the downtube and the BB requirements of a Bafang or similar kit? I’m also exited to feel less drag in the geared motor vs the direct drive.
I should say I like the look of the Zooz besides the banana seat, for these reasons—smaller 24” tires, low BMX bars and a classic simple frame. Let me know your thoughts! I’m hoping to get this accomplished under 2k.

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There is a subforum for builders and kits that could be of help. That's out of my league, but there are middrive kit riders on here. Welcome to EBR !