250W E-bike mid-drive motors hardly outperforms 250W hub motors


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I like the 2-speed concept, but the 2-speed Suzhou Xiongda Motor YTWS-01 has a weigth of 3.2kg, which is idiot.
Really? My Q100's are about the same diameter (~105mm), and I weigh them at 2Kg (4.5 pounds). I found a user review where the owner says 1.6Kg for the YTWS-01. That is 3.2ish pounds. Maybe you were given bad info.

In the DIY world, they had their one chance to make a splash on entry and fell on their face. Based on early user reports, reliability was poor. Some units stripped the gearing if the wheel was rolled backwards, but that was thee years ago. Lunacycle.com tried to import them to the USA, but they were selling the version with a 142mm drop-out. EIther they messed up or got shipped the wrong batch. That didn't go over too well.

Xiongda still makes it, so I suppose the production flaws were fixed.


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the dapu mid drive is ok and the 500 watt had a bit more power then my bosch but it also ate batteries like crazy. mine had a 52v 650 watt battery and on turbo I got maybe 5 miles less then then my bosch with a 36v 500 watt battery.


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This looks like it will be a very good hub drive system :