250w ebike foldable


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Hi guys! I'm new here in the forum and in the e-bike scene. I'm thinking about buying one 250w foldalbe bike max1000euros. Can someone advise me some good brands and models? thanks!


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If you're in Europe, most of the bikes reviewed here are US models and probably won't be available to you. There is still plenty of good information here though, but if you can find a local dealer it would probably be best to visit them, or check out a European forum such as Pedelecs.co.uk for more relevant insight into your purchase options.

Ok I sort of take the above statement back...models from eg and easy motion among other brands listed should be available to you at close to your budget price, definitely take a look though the site reviews here. Anything listed around $1300 or under should be priced close to $1k euros.
Max 1000 euros. That is little bit hard to answer.

I guess best bet is follow some bikes on ALDI, ALDI SUD or LIDL assuming you are in germany.

below 1000 euro hard to get a decent e-bike especially in europe where 20% is already a VAT. So try to get something as cheap as possible (most probably all will be something bad quality and breakdown soon).

Second advise now check for some clearance available right now. this can be your best bet to get somethink better.

Molex also have some decent bikes you can check them too.
Never but never buy kickstarter for your main bike. If you have one and extra cash to burn (risk) then buy kickstarter bikes.

1- End products sometimes different than what stated.
2- Never sure if you will get your bike .
3- Time is a big question. Sometimes can receive 9 months or a year after than promised time.
Only one point about it after i have a quick check.

1- Genuine leather saddle. :::: I saw that saddle before in many chinese e-bikes. It is not genuine leather saddle. I will try to find the photo of that saddle and show.

399 is a deal too good to be true .