25yr. 6.1 220 dash or emotion? or any other recommendations

Looking to narrow down to the best fit ebike for me! I need reliable ebike. A fast (high 20's mph) bike. For a 20 mile round trip 5 days a week. And maybe hit the trails on the weekend.(would be nice anyway) I have 2800$ and down.

I would love some feedback from the community. I'm new to ebikes. So help me set my ride! Thanks


I'd say you're on the right track and need to ride some bikes. I'm 6' 1", 230, have a commute that's 12 miles round trip, 3 to 5 days / week, and spent less than $2800. I got a Dash that does all that and 30 mph, or at least 25+ comfortably. The distance you're going should be OK but hills and the amount of pedal assist you use will matter. I think all the manufacturers are overstating their ranges, or at least they're not making it clear that their estimates are based on 170 pound riders.

Have fun shopping!
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No, I bought it from a nearby bike shop. I'm pretty sure other folks in these forums did though. You don't have anyone nearby selling e-bikes?


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Why don't you try Performance Bike. They are a larger dealer of regular bikes and just started carrying the IZIP line. At least the one by me has it. They have the Dash for 2500 on their website and if you join their membership you get a percentage back to use on future purchases. http://www.performancebike.com


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Hey Brandon, I agree that the IZIP E3 Dash is a wonderful ebike and Currie offers pretty good support. You could probably use it on light trails but go easy with the narrow hybrid tires...

It's not a lot of fun haggling price but if you approached the shop and explained that you're ready to pull the trigger and want to buy local so you can also get accessories and come back for maintenance etc. they might be willing to hit your $2,500 mark. You could also volunteer to split the difference at $2,600 or ask them to throw in free tuneups and accessories if you go for the full $2,800. I know some shops offer great little freebies when you buy a new bike and this lets them hit the MSRP while still sweetening the deal :)

I've also had luck with the Easy Motion ebikes and really like the Neo 650B which has larger tires and a better suspension fork for off road use. All of this combined offers a smoother ride and the bike is very stealth given the 350 watt geared motor vs 500 watt direct drive on the Dash. I think the drive technology is more advanced on the Dash (uses speed, cadence and torque in assist) but the battery stands out more and there have been some issues with it recently (that said, Larry is actually on here helping people and Easy Motion has been somewhat absent). For more on the Neo 650B hit up @Ravi Kempaiah who has owned one for quite a while now and rides all over Washington DC.

Another great bike to consider is the Volton Alation 350 Mid-Drive that uses an 8Fun BBS01 and goes for ~$2,500 if I remember correctly. This is an awesome bike with a solid warranty, integrated battery and pedal assist + throttle. I'm working on a review for it right now but here's the review of the mid-drive unit it works with and the Volton section of the site so you can see what the hub-drive Alation's look like.


I have the Dash, and am really happy with it. I ordered it from a dealer out of state at a significant discount, and had to install the pedals, handlebar, reflectors, and go over all the connectors to make sure they were tight. The rear caliper was also out of adjustment. Ravi may have some advice for you, he is VERY knowledgeable about bikes and purchases. ;)

Even with the issues the Dash has had, Currie is being very good about correcting them, and I do not regret my purchase at all.

It was pretty fun riding a little over 10 miles in a little over 1/2 hour at 95 degrees F with a heat index of >100 degrees F. And I'm 51 (today), overweight with bad hips, nerve damage and didn't exercise my legs at all for over a decade..... :D


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I have the Dash. Great bike. Local dealer was not flexible with the price but has been great after the sale. Raised the handle bars 2" and made for a more comfortable ride. I don't think the tires are up to being an off road bike as some have already pointed out. You can do it, but the bike seems meant for the road and light trails. It goes very fast. I hit 26-28mph regularly while pedaling. Great bike. In the end, a few hundred dollars on a purchase this big might be will spent with your local dealer...especially if you are going off road and most certainly will need adjustments, etc.