27,000 Km in 21.5 Months

Ken S

Yes my XU 700 is still going strong!

I pushed things a bit on the chain and running gear, with 16,000 Km on this chain. In hind sight I should have changed it at 10,000 as the wear on the de-railer wheels was considerable, but it was completely operational. As well as the derailer wheels I did get the cassette changed.


New Member
Looks like you're slacking a bit, Ken! ;)

All jokes aside, I'm constantly amazed at how far you're able to ride your ebike. Makes me jealous! I need to work harder!!!

Keep us updated,


Ken S

Will do Dan.
It is an addiction but a good one.

Ya I hear ya, my 1000 kms every 3 weeks is starting to drop a bit with the winter weather settling in, I should get my second wind when I hit 63 next Feb....