$2k Raleigh Misceo IE or ?

Hugh Caldwell

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Looking to purchase my first ebike and would like to spend less than $2000. From what I've seen on line I'm very attacted to the Raleigh Misceo Sport IE which you can purchase for $2200. I was wondering what other bikes I should consider that wouldn't cost more than the Misceo?

These are the things I like about the Misceo:
Mid motor
Quick release wheels
Weight (< 50lbs)
Range (40miles+)
Looks (who wants a bike that makes them sad to look at? (aka no low steps))

What I don't like about the Misceo
Removing the battery to charge
20mph cut off. It would be nice to be able to cruise at 20mph without the motor cutting out but it's not critical.

I'll be riding the bike 99% on roads and bike paths and maybe 1% on hard dirt roads.

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