2nd Battery for G3 Trail - other FLX batteries are available

I hesitate being the only poster on the FLX Forum, but I posted this information on another thread that was discussing the purchase of a 2nd/replacement better for folk's bikes, so I thought I'd share it with my fellow FLX owners who might be thinking of another battery.

Although I am happy with the range of my bike - probably 40+ miles - the topogoraphy as I get near home really drains my battery when it is below 35% as I near home base. So I've been limiting my rides to 30 miles and want to go further - or load up my bike and ride from some other place. Anyway, I found this battery on Alibaba - https://www.alibaba.com/product-det...m=a2700.7724857.normalList.121.1c4b5323MSNZdH. In contacting the company (I actually had to contact them via Alibaba - rather like Amazon is the go-between you and sellers when you have questions) the battery they were offering was actually 48v, 14ah and it has Samsong cells - for the same $250. The shipping/tariff/customs cost was another $96.

I was concerned that the battery might not fit down inside the down tube - unlike other FLX bikes - but the sales agent, "Max", told me that he's sold a number of batteries to FLX owners and he was familiar with the G3's. He and I exchanged a number of e-mails about the dimensions and he finally convinced me it was the right size battery (this is a much bigger purchase than my "cheap-ass" bike rack!) and I pulled the trigger.

It took two or three weeks for the battery to arrive and it fits like a glove and is compatible with the electronics of my bike (I am a glass being half empty kind of person when it comes to internet purchases - especially a direct purchase from China! - I pictured it blowing the console right off the bike or something).

In my exchanges with "Max", as I mentioned, he indicated that has sold batteries to other FLX owners, so I am sure he has batteries for all the FLX bikes. The price of this battery (which has more amp hours than the larger on sold @FLX for my bike, 13.6 v 14ah) is less than 50% of what I'd pay if buying from FLX ($680 + shipping and TAX in Taxifornia) and has qauality cells. I'm happy with the purchase and commend the company on they were to my (as it turns out unnecessary) many questions. The company BTW is at https://hc-lithiumbattery.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.wholesale.cordpanyb.1.62c0375emFvogy it looks like you can contact them directly.

Flash, over and out.
Likewise ordered 14ah battery from Max. Ordered 4/13 and received 5/14 (includes about a 6 day delay due to FedEx). $330 and includes connection mount with keys (no need but nice to have spare). Samsung cells. Perfect fit! Looks exactly like original 10.4ah but seems heavier. Working great and hoping same for long term.
Should have mentioned, Max provided excellent support. He quickly responded to my questions, kept me informed on status of my purchase, resolved shipping delay and assured received and satisfied.