3 flats, Not Totally Unusual, had they not all been opposite the valve stem!


Third punctured tube on rear tire. Two were after installing Armour for protection against flats.

Tube 1 exhibited a nail size hole on the outside surface of the inner tube (sixty mile).

After Armour install the 2nd tube exhibited in a pin hole opposite the valve about 170 degrees (1150miles, and 60 miles with Armour). Third hole was on the edge of the patch (1650miles) and exhibited a tear appearance.

The seam in the rim did have a detectable ridge & burr. I drimeled this down. I also noticed the stud for several spokes looked like they were torqued down with a flat head driver and subsequently blurred those studs. I drimeled those down as well. I'm glad I tried to discover why I kept getting flats for no obviously apparent reason. 75 miles and looking good on my New Origin 8's.