3 Months Review of Focus Aventura Impulse Speed 1.0

Anil Coumar

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I returned my 2014 iZip Zuma to REI and purchased a Focus Aventura Impulse Speed 1.0 (FAIS). Had multiple motor problems with the Zuma. I very much wanted to like the Zuma because it was so comfortable to ride it. I have now owned the FAIS for almost 3 months. I love this bike! Had a hard time deciding between this bike and the Stromer ST2. Glad I went with this one.

Here are my pros and cons after riding it for 3 months:

  1. Quality of parts and overall build
  2. Gates carbon drive is very easy to maintain
  3. The motor is very quiet and efficient
  4. Can go very fast :)
  5. No problems climbing the steep hills in Seattle, WA.
  6. Looks like a regular bike and hardly anyone notices it is an ebike
  7. The front and rear lights are awesome in the dark. The reflective tires help too.
  8. The display has useful information (please see my question about this in an earlier post)
  9. After riding for 26 miles yesterday, the economy range still had 78 miles left!
  10. It can be ridden as a regular bike with just the lights on and no power assistance.
  11. Comes with 2 charging options - on the bike or an indoor charger where you can store the battery and charge on a stand.
  12. Powerful, quiet brakes.
  13. The air suspension really works and can be turned off or on while riding.
  14. Easy to remove and carry the battery, compared to the Zuma where the battery was in the seat post.
  15. Overall appearance is very sleek and elegant. Every part fits together well.


  1. The bike wants to surge forward at stops if you have your foot on the pedal.
  2. No throttle mode.
  3. The Gates carbon drive belt seems to slip a couple of notches without warning and it makes a terrible noise and can be pretty scary while riding. I am going to have this looked at when I take the bike in next week for its first free tune up.
  4. The mini pump that comes with the bike is almost useless.
  5. A bit pricey, perhaps?


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Awesome info!! Thanks for that review. I test road on last week, an j was super impressed with it. I also test road the thron which I would purchased if I had the funds. Keep us post of ur adventures!