3 seasons later


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We bought our BionX in 2014, nearing the end of our third season and almost 4000 km. later, my wife and I want to let everybody know that we are very pleased with our BionX kits. Our old mountain bikes fitted with touring tires and fenders have become the fast and enjoyable toys they were when we bought them many decades ago. BionX is a good product, the battery is excellent and the electronic engineering was well thought of. Whether we want to go fast or just leisurely enjoy the scenery, we always have fun.


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Thanks for this review! So nice to hear how people like things after some time has passed.


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One year and 1550 km,s on my bionx 55 equipped road bike. Never even a hint of trouble, ran great the whole time. But with snow about to start falling it,s now locked up in the heated garage till next spring. Those 700c tires just wont do in slippery conditions.