30,000 Kilometer Check-In

Now that I hit the 2 1/2 year mark, the battery is starting to feel a little long in the tooth. That being said, I would estimate the current capacity to be around 21 miles throttle, or maybe around 550-600 watt hours. This from an original 841 whr capacity, so not terrible degradation. The manufacturer provides a 5 year warranty on the battery, and so far I'd say there is a good chance I make it to the 5 year mark with a reasonably usable battery. The bike is ready for it's second bottom bracket, I've replaced the seat, but other than tubes/pads, there have been no mechanical problems.

My current weekend "fun ride" is about 6 hours using PAS 1, which provides about 70w to the motor. I go from Tustin, CA to Ocenside, CA on what I call the Orange County Whistle-Stop EBike tour. Generally following the Metrolink, it's 65 miles through sleepy towns, creek paths, coastline views and culminates with 7 miles riding directly on the shoulder of Interstate 5. After a bite or two, it's $10 to take the train back and 30 minutes home.

30,000 Km is a lot of revolutions, and this bike has never let me down. While I know ebike riders are a diverse group, those looking for a "do everything" bike would be hard pressed to find a better vehicle.



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Hi Eric,
Congratulations on your 30k km’s relatively trouble free achievement. Hoping your next 30k km’s goes even better
I’m not far behind you with 28k km’s in 18 months of ownership