30 Chinese Cities are on Level 1 lockdown


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Do you believe there is such a thing as genetically engineered organisms such as GMO tomatoes, rice, glow-in-the-dark brocoli?

Mike's E-Bikes

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Apparently a couple of ebikes brands shipments are delayed until June. And one on line direct firm is reporting end of March, but sounds like that is fluid and could be delayed longer.

Thomas Jaszewski

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“We should note that we are still early on in the outbreak of this novel coronavirus, so assessing the damage to particularly the bike industry is still mostly an educated guess. As time goes on more will become clear about worker losses and lead times. But what is currently being estimated is also working on a best-case scenario with that the outbreak will be under more control soon. All manufacturers, not just the ones situated in China, are keeping a close eye on the situation and an ear to the ground over the coming weeks and months to see how this virus outbreak will affect them and the industry.”