4 Bike 500w Rear Hub Motor Builds from Greenergy


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BUT, if you were to use "lessons learned" from building those bikes, then riding them for awhile, would your next bike duplicate them exactly, or would you have a tendency to work on some sore spots?

I would build the bikes the same. Really. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Bluenergy kit when it arrived late last year. I didn't buy a complete kit with a battery, because I was unsure what I would be getting. Was this thing crap?

Lurking here and Endlessphere, the theme was I needed to go to Grin for my components and buy a $500+ battery from Luna. Otherwise, I would end up with a junk build from eBay or Amazon. Of course, I now know that was not so.

Having converted three bikes with Bluenergy kits and over 2300 miles combined, I can say Bluenergy is a decent budget Bafang conversion.

My only gripe is we get a code 30 error every 100 miles or so on the bikes with a DP-C18 displays. The Townie and Pure have a 500w controller and my wife a 250w respectively and DP-C18 displays. The Mongoose has a SW102 display, 500w controller and has never had an error.
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The Townie and Pure
Add a KHS Manhattan Smoothie for the holy trinity of flat footers. Now you’ve peaked my interest. Anyone open a battery? You said Luna. But any reaction to greenenergia packs? When I was at Luna they were selling batteries that looked exactly like UPP, down to the BMS serial numbers being sequential. All good except the myth of “American made” and “quality BMS” were exactly that. Myths with a second and third life with genius internet marketing.

It’s a eBike world famous drama but EM3ev still outranks for the major of packs when build quality and designs are compared. Potted batteries? Warranty service records? In fairness I have several Luna packs from early 2016. They've help up well, for $12 Non balancing BMS. Actually I can’t complain. That experience did two things for me. Made me comfortable with cheaper batteries, and sold me on spending what it takes from EM3ev and Grin. The drama, self aggrandizing, and anything but loyal players push me closer and closer to Grin. But

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