48V Battery


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I'm gonna build my own battery, 18650's.
There is a test tube holder that holds 10 X 4
18mm test tubes. Thinking of buying 8 of these and epoxying them together to double the thickness. They're cheap. $5-6 ea.
Has any one tried this?
Here is a link to what I'm thinking of using.
Notice that the "bottom" is about the size of the positive terminal. A side benefit is that I can make a seperate 14.8V battery using the last 3 rows. This would run lighting and cooling fans for the electronics. Please pick this apart. I won't be offended. Thanks.
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George S.

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I wanted to bring 12 volts to the front of the bike, or just to run 12 volts stuff from the battery. I'm hoping this works, since it will convert a higher voltage to a lower, and you can set the lower voltage. Upper voltage is 60, I'm at 36v.