48v volt controller at 36v?


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If I had a 48v bbs02 and it 36v to it would it run? I realize I'd only be getting about 500w out of it. I know the motor would run of connected directly to pretty much any voltage but will the 48v controller run the motor on 36v or will it decide there is not enough juice and not work?


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I have a BBS02. It will power up on a fully charged 36V battery, but as soon as I touch the throttle or activate pedal assist, it activates the low battery warning and that's all I get.

The BBS02 controller, like most other 48V controllers has a low battery alarm at 40-42 volts. A 36V battery at full charge is 42 volts, and not for long. As soon as it has to run a motor, it's down to 41 volts. At least mine are. If you have a programming cable, you might be able to change the BBS02 low volatfe setting. I never looked at that.