$4K budget - what to buy for a first commuter e-bike?


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I am new to e-bikes, but not to bike commuting. I commute rain or shine about 20 miles/day. Paved roads and trails. You e-bikers fly by me on the trail, and I think it's time I joined you! I have $4K budget, but could go higher. I have looked at the reviews of the Optibike Pioneer City, Allroad and the Haibike Trekking RX. They look great. So do some of the iZip and Grace models. Any suggestions? I have a garage at home and secure bike parking at work.


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Hmm I would say go for a mid-priced quality bike which is easy to serve. I think you also should get one of those Lockers with Built in GPS tracking and other cool features. It should be available next year. As you may know there are soo many models now to choose from so I can't really give you much more advice sorry. I hope you do get the right guidance to get the one you want. Welcome to the forum!


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I have $4K budget, but could go higher.

My advice; don't assume you have to pay $4K for an excellent and very capable ebike. Crazy Lenny has some very good deals, and if you keep your eyes open you can find heavily discounted bikes from a variety of sources.

Welcome aboard...Court J.