500 Assembly...two issues, and a battery question


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Despite an August anticipated arrival, our Pace 500 arrived today, June 23, via UPS.
Nice job, Aventon, working with and correcting their shipping woes.

I encountered two things during assembly that I need some guidance on:

1) The headset has way too much play in it. Other than the hex bolt accessed on the top of the stem, that supposedly sets the "bearing pre-load", I do not see how to take out the sloppiness of the headset.

2) The rear disc brake rotor gently rubs on the pads, once every revolution. It appears to be ever so slightly warped. After watching a video, I tried to loosen it, squeeze the lever to self-center, and then while holding the lever squeezed, re-tighten the bolts. Unfortunately, all to no avail, as it still rubs.

My battery question is this...will the charger shut itself off when the battery is fully charged? Does it harm the battery, for instance, to leave it on the charger overnight?


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1) Yes, the hex bolt on the top of the headtube is used to tighten the headset. But you must loosen the two bolts which hold the stem to the headtube first! Then get the headset as tight as you need to (don't overtighten but remove play), then re-tighten the stem bolts.

2) There are ways to straighten a bent brake rotor which you may or may not want to utilize. If it is bent, maybe contact Aventon before attempting any straightening and see if they will send a replacement.

3) Charger should shut off on its own (red light goes to green, or lights go out). Best not to leave it on the charger overnight. In the (very) rare cases of lithium battery fires, they mostly happen during charging. Charging should be done when the process can be 'observed' (you don't have to be in the same room watching it, but probably best if you are not asleep while the battery is charging).


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Thanks for the quick and helpful reply!

Snugging the headset, via the stem, is very clever...and did the trick.
(My specialty is vintage bikes, so I was unfamiliar with this type of stem.)

The warped rear brake rotor is another story. I will give Aventon a call and ask about that...

Thanks again!
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