500 or so miles on turbo x


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I've been riding and enjoying my 2016 Turbo X Specialized for about 6 months and 500 miles and thought I'd share my experience.

About me -
65 years old, avid biker for about 60 years. Have owned a high-end steel racing bike, a Trek carbon fiber road, 2 full-suspension mountain bikes, one hardtail mountain bike, a recumbent, an old-school steel touring bike, Stingrays, Huffys, etc.

The bike -

Best toy I have had in years. Has rejuvenated my love for cycling more than I would have imagined. Recent move to very hilly area only makes this thing more fun. It is so well engineered and built and designed. And it scoots.

I have had 3 failures.

The battery failed and had to be replaced. Note that not all Specialized dealers can service the electronics on these bikes. I drove 40 miles to one that could. The plus side is that Specialized shipped back the largest battery they have (692 wh) vs. the one that came with the bike (562 wh). It took a couple of weeks to get it, but the shop had a loaner battery for me to use. I have done just a couple of rides where this made the difference between getting home in good shape and running out of juice.

The kickstand broke. It just broke off. The dealer replaced it no charge.

A couple of spokes on the rear wheel had to be replaced. I had clobbered an immovable 8 inch high stone object at 17 mph a couple of months before the spokes gave way which may have contributed (pinch flatted although the wheel itself was unscathed). While we are on the subject of rear wheel repair (or flat repair) - you will need a torque wrench and some new skills to get the back wheel on and off.

The stats -
I have used the Android Mission Control app for most of my rides. This will connect to your bike via bluetooth. I had trouble connecting until I learned a secret - run the app before you turn on the bike. It is a useful app and worth downloading. It has a few bugs and idiosyncrasies but provides most of the info you want.

The stats thus far -

17 rides around Southbury CT and one in the Hudson Valley
356 total miles
4753 wh consumed
34925 ft elevation gain
13.6 mph average
50-60% ECO with occasional 30% or 100%

There were a couple of outliers. A brief rooty, and rocky, singletrack was attempted that lasted 2 miles with 300 ft of climbing and consumed 45 wh was the least thrifty ride in terms of wh/mile. BTW this bike is not good on singletrack - although it had power to spare and could handle the bashing, it felt unwieldy and was hard to manage on the rough stuff. (On unpaved roads, this thing is absolutely great, as long as you keep the tire pressure on the low side. I stick with 40 front and 50 back with the stock tires and get a smooth secure 20 mph+ ride with no flats thus far except for the aforementioned crash.)

The other outlier was a much flatter ride with slowpoke friends in the Hudson Valley using 30% ECO. This 25 mile ride only used 151 wh.

It is pretty clear that the mileage you get may vary, depending on terrain, speed, and ECO setting.

My overall average mileage was around 13.5 wh/mile.

I would highly recommend this bike to anyone who can afford it (it cost me $4k), but particularly those who are older, live in hilly areas, and occasionally ride on unpaved roads. It is an absolute gas.