500 Series 7-8 gear vibration


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I‘ve noticed when pedaling my Series 500 in 7th and 8th gear,whether with or without PAS, that I’m getting a vibration that I’m feeling in both the pedals and seat. Once I shift back down to 6th or lower, it dissipates. I’m also experiencing a pulsating and scraping noise when applying the rear brake. I’ve looked to see if the wheel,tire,disc and caliper could be an issue but all seem to be trued. Do these sound like related problems or two separate issues? The 500 only has just over 200mi and I’m concerned about what I have going on here.
I’m new to all of this but have been reading as much as possible and have performed the new brake seating or whatever the process is called without remedy as well.

Any guidance is appreciated. Trying to avoid LBS $$$ if possible


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Sounds like 2 separate issues.

I would be surprised if you are feeling vibration in 7th and 8th gear that you feel in the seat? I have felt this in the pedals on 2 of my old road bikes, only in high gears in high torque situations when really flying or climbing. It never worsened. I figured it was either the chain meeting the chain ring or related to the bottom bracket being under high torque. Either way, I actually kind of liked it, had nice rhythm and never presented an issue.

Don't think I ever felt it in the seat tube or seat though. rear brake, hard to know, some brake pads are noisier, depending on what it sounds like, you could switch to quieter pads, but they won't last as long and won't with stand heat as well on long descents I think.