500 watt batttery powering 250 watt bike


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I need a new battery and I can get a 500w 36V 14Ah naked battery for $129.00 but the bike has a 36v 250 watt motor. Will I do damage to or diminish the life span of the motor increasing the wattage from 250w to 500w?


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The watt output is a measure of current. As long as there is sufficient rating to supply your controller you'll be fine. But you need to verify those numbers.
Some of those packs have a pretty low max-current output rating. Since that one is ebike-rated it's probly been measured and has a sufficient rating.


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It's a 500wh battery. 36 (volts) x 14 (amp hours) = 504 (watt hours not watts).

I would not buy from lowest price seller on ebay. You get what you pay for. Buy from a reputable company that does aftermarket batteries.


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Could you all recommend a reputable place to by an after market battery?
Grin Technologies and EM3ev seem to be the best ones.

I got mine from AliExpress, the seller named Eunorau and it was good.


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Also cheap ebike batteries do not last. This is a must watch for beginner ebike riders.