500wh battery swap between Superdelite and Nevo 3?


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We are picking up an in stock single battery Nevo 3 in the near future. Since some of our rides might extend past the battery limits I thought it might be possible to swap the 500wh battery in the Superdelite to the Nevo 3. The SD is a 625/500 combo so only the top battery is an option. I've done quite a bit of internet searching but no luck finding anyone yet that has documented this ability. In a video by Chris (Propel) he mentions the Nevo 3 battery is compatible with some other RM models but did not identify them. I realize we can purchase and carry a second battery but if a swap is possible that would be preferable. Thank you for any help, Tom


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I believe the Nevo3 battery is the horizontal type, while the SD is vertical, so your plan won’t work. Double-check with your dealer.