$5k budget, fat tire+ child seat


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I'm looking for something fun to ride alone. Something with throttle and pedal assist. I am 6' 285lbs of not so great shape. I'm looking for something that I can take my 2 year old and I have a new born for later (so call it 350lbs max). I only plan to carry one child at a time. I'd love a 2wd system.

The Pedego Stretch has almost everything I want. Just doesn't look like that much fun to drive alone and no fat tire which I think is cool. I doubt the kids will really want to ride with me all that much.
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You're looking in the right category, i.e. cargo bikes, of which the Pedego Stretch is one. Cargo bikes are made to carry stuff, including kids (or at least one). Look at the cargo bike reviews on this site. In addition to the Pedego, there are the Radrover, the Wallerang M.01, the Benno Boost, the Virtue Cycles Gondoliere, the Felt Bruhaul, the Yuba Spicy Curry, the Juiced Bikes ODK U500 and several others, all within your budget. But none have fat tires. Most cargo bikes have tires in the 2.5-inch range, which is wider than most road bikes and par with most mountain bikes. I actually think many of these bikes would be fun to ride alone.


As someone said above, a cargo bike will work for you, but it is not your only option. I take my 2 and 4 year olds on my radwagon cargo bike, but my husband has his fat bike (radrover) set up for carrying one kid and if works great too and is great fun when riding kidneys.


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All bikes are fun, but my fatbike and my thin tired bikes are different experiences. As you get into shape,and if biking fits your psyche, I think a lighter bike might be more fun.

For kids, I carried my son in a car seat when he was under 5, but today I pull his daughter in a trailer. It's much better. I have the mount on a mid drive bike, so the hitch just fits on the axle as designed A rear hub drive would need a little more attention. I had to mount a mirror so I could keep an eye on the trailer because I don't feel; the weight unless we're going uphill. You can also carry the 2nd child in the trailer.,