6.5 weeks to fix my GS


6.5 week ago my gs stopped working. Just got it back today. The shop I bought it from, found it difficult to work with Minnesota and England, the only two places where tech help was available. The bike finally had to be shipped to Minnesota to be repaired after several suggested part replacements failed to fix the bike here. Lost most of my summer bike riding. Gocycle need to get better tech availability.


Sorry to hear. I've had a terrible experience with the Minnesota repair center as well. The wiring was bad in my GX, and when I got the bike back it had been packaged so poorly that it was damaged in shipping on the way back. Shipped it back to them, they "fixed" it, and I recently received it back again and the shifter is bad now. Pretty disappointing. It's a great bike when it's working, but it's a lemon.

Thomas Jaszewski

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What a bummer. I wish there was a way to educate consumers before purchase. Sadly bikes that are primarily custom parts are destined to have issues, unless they sell thousands plus bikes. I hate reading these posts and finding good folks being poorly supported. Minnesota has a pretty aggressive Secretary of State and consumer affairs department responds. Take this to them. Perhaps a protracted battle but there is some hope. And you may help other buyers in the process. What a cool idea, but kinda bleeding edge.