8 fun 250w mid rive problems

kasper been

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Hi there.
My name is Kasper.
I have a bicycle company in Denmark((Link Removed - No Longer Exists)) where iam selling electric cargo bikes with the 8 fun 250w mid drive engine, pedal assist.
I have some problems with some of the 8 fun mid drive 250 watts engines.

1. Its like the engine does not have enough power to start up the bike? The engine is struggling to start and make clunk noises? I heard that it is possible to reprogram the engine to have more start up power? Could the engine be to weak for the heavy bike? it weighs around 70-80 kgs-154 pounds?

2. I have experienced on several bikes that the engine suddenly stop pulling and i have to turn off the power and then turn on the power again to make the engine work?

I hope that someone in here can help me with these problems?


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Yes the motor is undersized for the load. 500w at the minimum. The protection circuit turns off the controller when the motor exceeds it's rated amperage.