8 year ebike rider


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Hello all -

I had the fortune of buying a Currie Ezip Trailz at Toys R Us for $279 back in 2008. I'm still riding it. I've swapped out two SLA batteries over the years and replaced some of the electronics. The Trailz has several problems: weight, particularly with a lead battery, relatively low power, and the saddlebag-style battery with button contacts at the bottom of the battery pack is not good construction. I like the throttle control and I love not having to park when I get to work. I also like bragging about owning the cheapest ebike in the universe. I mainly use it as my primary commuting option, and am thinking about upgrading to something lighter and more powerful. I'm glad EBR is around - it is by far the easiest ebike review site to use, and the reviews are always in depth.


That is quite the accomplishment from a ezip! i just built up a 2009 ezip for a friend and shes pullin her kid around with it,those bikes were pretty indestructable except the batteries..