8500 miles in a year hard to believe.


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Hard to believe I have ridden that much. Bought my first bike on the 23rd of November last year. I started out just commuting 20 miles a day then some longer rides on the weekends. But when the pandemic hit and there was nothing else to do I Started riding longer on the weekends. But then the wife and I got our e tandem and once she got sured to it we started riding everyday once I got home from work. So I went from 20 miles day to 30 to at my peak 35 to 40 a day. I peaked out at 252 miles in a week. I really rode too much and wore myself out. Now with it getting dark earlier and lots of rain we down ride very night. This week it was a paltry 198 (G) I did not sure strava till later in January so its does not have all my riding.