9000 mile update


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My bike just turned 9000 miles in a couple of months shy of 3 years. I haven’t spent a nickel on repairs or maintenance so I decided to take it in to my local bike shop for a tuneup. It was put up on his rack and checked it over. The bike mechanic said I don’t need a tuneup yet . The tires, breaks, chain , wheels and the rest of the bike is fine. No charge, but come back in the spring and he will see if a tuneup is needed then. Amazing bike. Ed


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9000 miles and no mainence? has it been in the back of a pickup the whole time? no chain lube? no tire or brake wear?


Edit: I’ve read most of the op’s many previous posts on this bike and still have major doubts as to the longevity/usefulness of the wear and tear items but I’m removing the “bs” and replacing it with “not likely”.
And they’re: brakes

It’s the “kinder/gentler” me :)
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