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Most of you may know know it, but in Israelthe power limitation of a motor on an electric bike is 250 W !
Sounds like the government is stricting it to be a game for children ...
In most cases its true - the averave age buying and electric bike in israel is 15, which is sad.
It causes alot of buzz on the news and almost everyday there's an accident.

To me its a way of life and feel so lucky to manage sneecking a 500w ebike kit through the customs 3 years ago.
I hate to feel like an outlaw while in other countries the limit is 750w...

it is the cheepest (~500$!) and greatest kit I think I could have gotten/
Here's a 3 year happy birthday for my ebike !
please do share yours ;)
Enjoy !

Ann M.

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Cool video @Zvikaz ! Happy birthday and please share a little about your kit and the bike you built. You've definitely gotten a good deal for the $500.