A big step coming.........


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Ok Guys
I have all the parts (I hope) except 1 part, which is in route somewhere,
for the changing of the Canbus motor over to Uart.

This is what I plan to do,
First I'll disconnect the C motor, label all the wiring,
Then use a separate Uart harness, I'll attach all the Uart items such as,
the display, throttle, then attach all the same wires used (via Cbus motor),
to the U motor, then attach the main power cords (batteries disconnected/pulled),
I have a some unused plugs which I'll coat with dialectic grease to prevent any corrosion and seal with heat shrink tape etc.
I'll have to attach the speed sensor to the bike so the wheel readings can be recorded.

Should I give a lite coating of Dialectic grease to the new plugs before connecting, around here the air is filled with magnetic dust etc and corrosion is a problem.

The only area of concern is that of the main battery cable/wiring coming from the batteries, (I have OEM dual wired batteries that are split and run down inside the main tube to the motor) has a very thin small wired into/with the main battery cables, but I don't remember seeing this wiring with the Cbus set up, when I pulled the motor the first time..

What else should I be aware of, or doing before the first power up/test?......

If all this works as it should, then I'll pull the Uart motor and split the case and
re grease it before checking again and reinstalling the new motor etc.
Then on to programming what I want to use.

Your thoughts and suggestions...........


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Don, you are on the leading edge here. A lot of us likely watching, but because we have NO experience with what you are doing, we're not going to be much help.


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A Hicks/Tom/Foo
Thanks guys,

I am NOT Sure, if the steps I have laid out to follow replacing this Bafang 750/1000W motor is the correct way to go down this path.

IMHO, I figured that if if replaced all the Cbus parts with Uart parts,
and used all the OEM battery connections with the new Uart main connect cable,
(Note: I have a couple of small wires connected to the battery plug sections,
that I don't have or know about (may be charging wires) and traced so far),
that I was (hoping) I could get this new motor to run and function as it should etc.

Should I do any electrical/mechanical tests before the test run?
At least, if there is any codes thrown, that will help?

Still waiting on the last part to get here...........