A Brief Overview of Bosch eBike System


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Good find Rav, I think Bosch has become the leader in brand marketing and overall performance. It's cool to see how fast and far they've reached over what seems to be a short period of time!:D


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Here is a video overview of Bosch Ebike Systems...
Wow... I want the color screen navigation and fitness info! That's awesome, they even mentioned smart phone integration so maybe that will include a security device and GPS tracking or something? Very cool, thajks for the share Ravi!


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Might be a dumb question but as I am preparing for a Bosh system bike I realized that Bosh powered bikes probably do not have a REGEN because the motor is not in the wheel. right ?
The Bosch stuff looks really good. Nice to see a huge corporation throw some weight into R&D and ebike manufacturing.