A comparison of tires in wet weather

Dale C

Daily commuting in Vancouver is an excellent laboratory for wet weather tire comparisons. The Super Moto-X tires handle well under damp and dry conditions, did ok on light gravel and mud on the road. The Marathon Supreme tire handled well on wet and dry roads but easily loose traction on gravel and mud on road conditions. They also punctured twice in three months. The Marathon Plus MTB. Did well on gravel and mud but not very well on wet roads, especially on painted lines. The new Supermoto tires are a bit heavy but stuck the best on wet roads. No problem turning left at intersections in the rain at 40km even on the painted lines. They are now my preferred wet weather tire. I have run them from 35 to 55 psi and prefer 45 to 50 psi for a balance of rolling resistance and traction.


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