A deep-dive video series into Internal Gear Hubs for E-bikes

Ravi Kempaiah

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As more and more E-bikes are beginning to offer internal gear hubs and Gates Carbon Drive belt systems, we are beginning to do a deep-dive video series about different internal gear hubs for E-bikes (Enviolo, Rohloff, Kindernay) and belt drive systems. In recent years, we have seen Specialized, Tern, Riese and Muller, Urban Arrow, etc. make use of these setups.
We have several different hubs for detailed testing and analysis. If we could answer any questions or add any value in our future video series that could help this community, we would be glad to do so.
For example, maintenance intervals, real-world testing under cold/hot climate, electronic shifting features, gearbox/CVT mechanism, oil change procedure, weight, torque ratings, etc.