A Dirt Cheap US Battery

George S.

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I've noticed a lot of battery packs and 'brand name' cells for sale on Aliexpress. Up to now, the lower cell prices haven't shown up anywhere, not even on Ebay, in packs. This seems to buck the trend, in a big way.

If you have a 52 cell pack (4s13p), it is a decent number of cells. Since they specify a Samsung cell, it is definitely a better deal, if they can back this. AT $280, it is about $5 a cell, but with the other expenses probably $4 or under. That seems about right, for China prices. Luna is selling the cells for around $4.

In theory, this is pretty significant. If I want to build a kit, right now, I am at the mercy of bad choice, like LiPo or heavy Lifepo. So I hope this is for real.

But wait... there's more. How about a Bafang BBS02? A Mac motor? What took you guys so long?