A "doh" moment...


So I'm out for a ride the kids to the local beach, dared them both to swim out to a piling about 100' from the beach (only about 4' deep)for $5. No takers, and yes, I'm that kind of dad. Call it karma, on the way home I have a blowout on my front wheel. No problem I think, I have a spare tube, a tire repair kit, a tire pump, and all the tools to make this happen. So I turn the bike over, dismount the wheel, pull the tube out, and realize that I can't remove it cause the wires to the front hub motor are in the way. So I managed to find the leak and attempted to patch it and put it all back together. Still won't hold air... so I send my sons home to ask my wife to come and pick up me and the bike. Meanwhile I'm thinking what a pita it's gonna be to cut my zip ties, disconnect all the wires to the front hub at the controller, then change the tube. Not getting into that today, so I look (to no avail) for one of those tubes with a split in it, and end up ordering some "Goop". Having that done, I sat down and poured myself some Jamaican rum on the rocks. A couple sips and it occurred to me that I was trying to remove the tube on the wrong side of the wheel! Doh! Thank God for rum...


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Manure occurs.😉
I called my wife to pick me up the other day when I had a flat 10+ miles out, even though I had everything I needed to fix it. I just want to do it sitting with a beer in my hand.🍻


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I actually had a flat yesterday. Walk of Shame for .7 miles. Grabbed another bike and went back out. It was 65F. Have to enjoy.