A Few Questions from a Prospective Riese and Müller Buyer


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You'll be very happy with your Delite with Rohloff E14. Why didn't you go for the Superdelite with Rohloff E14 if you have a lot of hills where you live? I ride the Homage and Superdelite both with Rohloff E14 and have no range anxiety with plenty of battery to get my plus size body up hills.

I've been getting enough range with my present bike, since I only use the max assist for the steep hills. Otherwise, I'm only using medium assist, or none on the level areas (and none coming back down the hills of course!). I like the slightly lower center of gravity without the top tube battery, and I figure if I ever start needing more range I can get another battery and throw it in a pannier. So I got the single battery Delite.