A Good Reason to Wear a Full Face Helmet


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It helps prevent your neck from being bitten by a tiger.
This private zoo is along the road of the 6 mile extension of the route to my summer camp. It is not as direct as highway 3, but that route only has 8" berms and I could be hit by a car or truck. Since I installed the motor, I ride the extra 6 miles and 21 hills to stay off Hwy 3. But if the tiger could escape his substandard enclosure, I've been protected mainly by my Fox Rampage full face helmet.
The tiger is in a 8' covered chain link cage, but the zoo itself is only protected by a 3 barbed wire + electric topper fence. I've seen deer jump 8' fences before. The gate is two steel bars.

steve marino

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Sorry, no helmet is gonna protect you if a tiger attacks you. They're a prey animal and will go for your neck, but any old place they latched onto would be disastrous. You might consider a Smith & Wesson as a possible protection.


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Attacked by a Tiger ... now that is a bit of a stretch. I'm a lot more concerned about the killer bunnies ... and for them, I prefer the holy hand-grenade over the full face helmet - assuming one practices tossing the hand-grenade whilst riding 25 mph:



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Here is my hazard