A much longer ride then I planned glad I had the bike for it.


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ended up on a way too long ride on my bulls cross mover. I was planning about 25 miles 12 to the start of the main bike path through portland back to home. ButI goofed when I choose the spot to meet the start of the path in google maps. I had to to go another 8 miles I think to get to it up and down lots of climbing and I had to get out of sport mode to not eat up my battery. I had to go to eco mode thenI got to the path as I had 14 miles to go. My gps was giving me a shorter route to get home but I knew it would be a lot of hills and more starting and stopping. Plus my goal was to check out the path from the start. But I was able to keep a 15 mph pace at the lowest assist level and really surprised myself I could go like that. My energy levels suck as I can only eat protein and fat and its not the best energy source. I hit a convince store 4 miles from home for some jerky and water. I was running on empty and was a bit wobbly. I should have washed my bike before and knocked a pound of stuff off it.


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