A new XP owners observations.


New Member
Hi I'm new to the forum and am an excited new owner of a black XP!
While waiting for it to arrive I took it upon myself to read absolutely everything on the internet about this bike. I've read every entry in this forum regarding the bike.
I hope to be an active member and I will post questions because I already have a few, and thought maybe I'd share my first observation worthy of report.
It is so easy to scratch up your bike when it's folded!
Specifically where the bottom of the kickstand comes together towards the bike when folded,
It can easily line up with the inside edge of the front rim and the bottom of the kickstand can wedge into the inner edge of the rim. It lines up perfectly.
The bottom of the kickstand is grooved and sharp enough to gouge the rim. I got the scratch before my first ride.
So please please please put some foam from the original box , or a blanket between the bike before folding it and cover the kickstand with a sock or something. You will scratch up your bike in no time when folded if you do not do this!
More to come! I'm excited to be a part of your group!