A POC Upon Your House


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Had a disturbing incident the other day. My son ( crybaby, lazy, no good, Nobel winning philosophy professor) spotted a boxed Bell Super MIPS in my garage that I had purchased but never used. He stole it and had the audacity to say its a great helmet.

I am now faced with the arduous task of looking for another helmet. I want a cheap one so I have narrowed it down to the POC Octal Avid MIPS.

Has anyone used a POC helmet? I would love to hear some feedback. Thanks


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Yeah just give him belting like in the old times, take the helmet and get I the car and put the gear in neutral. Have him push the car for a few miles for a good measure and then drive off to teach him a lesson.

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My bright green brain bucket is actually a Bell BMX model, just over a hundred bucks. It has the rear dial to tighten onto your skull and comes with a cheapo GoPro mount. -S


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My bright orange brain bucket is actually a Bell BMX model (truth!) Sorry, 86, no help, but this post amused me for a minute anyway ha ha!


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I do and my replacement helmet will be one. In my case they are still Australian Standards certified so cannot be any worse than other helmets in our market and hopefully better.