A Solar Panel Install that I use to charge my EV bike battery


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OK Guys,

For those who are thinking about building a solar charging station for their EV bikes. Here are the parts that I have used to accomplish this task. First off, I am not endorsing any particular manufacturer or brand but just listing what I use. All these items I purchased from Amazon and did all the installation by following the wiring diagrams that were supplied by the solar panel supplier.

My EV battery 36 V 14 Ah was fully charged within 4 hours and the draw on the system was 7 to 8 amps with 100 Watts real time data as indicated by the electricity usage monitor that was installed as well (optional item).

  • 2 x Renoy 100 Watt polycrystalline solar panels
  • 2 x 12 V Go Cart Deep Cell batteries (best to get these types because they are built to take charging and discharging – beefer cells
  • 12 Volt 1000 watt power inverter (Aukey brand and you can get a USB charging port as well
  • Panel mounting hardware for roof top installations – 2 sets of brackets for 2 panels (4 brackets/set):

  • 4 in 1 Electricity usage monitor DC 6.5 – 100A:
  • Auto circuit Breaker Reset fuse:

OK that’s all the basic parts not included are the items such as the inside plug, 20 ft of copper wiring and a second trip fuse on the battery side of the setup.





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OK here we go...it took 5 hrs to fully charge my 36 V 14 Ah battery with a 200 watt (dual panels) 20 V output solar panels. Once on charge, you see that it draws 7.67 amps, 97.4 watts and the deep cycle batteries are sitting at 12.9 volts. The panels are inputing 17.1 volts 5.7 amps into the batteries and this is on a semi cloudy day.




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Just commenting here to place this at the top of the list....for those in California who are thinking about a solar panel setup since you are going through a power shut down.