A thousand curses on Garmin


I got this from Garmin this afternoon... This was my response.
How incredibly lame! I have a Garmin 830 bike computer that collects all of the useful information for the now disappeared "Insights" options on the 830.


What earthly good would adding a (garmin) watch do for a bike rider!

I suppose that the next update to the 830 will disallow any heart rate monitor except garmins' and the
following update will disallow any power meters execpt garmins'.

I found that being able to compare my stats against my age group useful and interesting.
(I will be 84 years old in a couple of weeks!)

Color me a very dissatisfied and disappointed user of my garmin 30 bike computer.


On Jul 22, 2022, at 2:19 PM, Product.Support@garmin.com wrote:
Hello Jerry,
We're following up on the report that you were getting confusing information when viewing Insights in your Connect app. After researching this issue, we discovered a bug that was causing Insights to appear as an option in the Connect app where it didn't belong. Insights should on display in your Connect app if you use a Garmin wearable, like a Forerunner or Venu watch. We've resolved this in the latest release of the Connect app, 4.57, which is available now in your App Store. After updating, you should no longer be able to see Insights unless you add a watch to your Connect app. Please let us know through https://support.garmin.com/ if you experience any future issues.
Thank you for choosing Garmin,
Product Support
Garmin International
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well I can understand as the GPS would only do cycling and does not keep track of your heartbeat and such when your done riding. get used to quirks with electronics its just the way it is.