A Van and an Ebike

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Well....my van was an accomplice for much of the narrative; does that help?
Okay, I type with one finger; I´m gettin´ carpal tunnel, so I´ll finish off the SBR. THe long & short of it is foraging here had become more trouble
than it was worth. Population here has grown at least 500% in the last 30 years. Access to coastal resources for the species has been largely
cut off either by human growth & by biological decline. She moved on. About the same time I found a track of a large male.
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One of the things I expect to see in our lifetimes ( or soon thereafter) is real weather control of major storms, droughts, and such. It may require 50 miles long blimps and giant towers, but will more likely involve planting geneticly modified plants and trees and a full stop to using the atmosphere and ocean as a sewer.

If we quit ripping things apart for a few years, nature will come roaring back. Probably with stuff we don't want at first ... like kudzu, mosquitoes, and maybe giant roaches and spyders, but an actual explosion of new lifeforms. Hopefully, we can avoid the complete ELE (Extinction Level Event) that caused the last resurgence of diverse animals in time for the familier animals ( like humans ) to adapt.
But BAU is running things very close to the edge.
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