A2B error code help?

heather muller

New Member
I went down to ride my A2B to work this morning but there was an error code in the display and I couldn't get it to turn on. Under speed it said, "16E" and there was a large "C" in the center.

I some information on the Ferber manual (http://www.wearea2b.com/assets/files/uploads/Ferber_EN_September_2014_screen.pdf page 16) but nothing of how to fix it.

The bike is about 10-11 months old - of course the bike shop where I purchased it is closed today and I leave for out of town tomorrow.

Any ideas what's wrong? How to clear?

Ann M.

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@heather muller, I took a look at the Ferber manual link (I'm assuming that this is the A2B bike that you have) and the "C" is a controller error related to how the torque sensor reads your pressure on the pedals, thus effects the speed. I'd check all of the basic connections to the motor & console & battery and make sure you're not leaning on the pedals before the system boots up. So do a basic reset. If that doesn't solve the issue then contact your shop or reach out to A2B directly, you may need to get service on the torque sensor.