A2B Galvani battery quest [36v/350w; Tektro hydr-disc version]


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I’m looking for feedback/advice on acquiring a new battery [any Ah level].
This Galvani is low-miles, non-molested, and well cared for.
Existing/orig battery was “serviced,” but they changed the battery’s internal BMS unit to a so-called generic one, which DOES NOT have the correct number of circuits/wires, so it [the battery] is not recognized by the controller.
The serviced battery’s voltage and cells all read as though fully charged, w/ good voltage.
Im happy to use this “molested” battery on/with a project ebike [a 36v Lee Iococca / Global].
Id very much like to find/buy a good battery that’s compatible with the unmolested A2B Galvani.
Thanks in advance for taking a moment to read this. I’m happy to chat bikes [mostly road/CX] and am eager to learn some technical ebike stuff.
Im in Prescott Arizona. CHEERS !!


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